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Aurora SDR 2E Script/Software Install


Product Information

Aurora SDR 2E Script/Software Install


Bonus: * Bitcoin Payment - Addon  ($20 Value)


  • Lifetime License [ One domain only ]
  • Comes installed only , You will need a domain name to make you a site key plus hosting to install it on it , Hosting Is For 1.99$ Per Month ( For Those Who Choose To Host with us ) 
  • To install the script we need your cPanel info and the domain name.

Script Demo :

* Username : admin
* Password : admin


Site Is Setup And Ready For New Admin within 24h - 48h


This update has all features included in SDR 2 and the following changes :

1- Old useless files removed ( Admin panel & Members side )
2- Script updated to work with php 5.4
3- Script mailer system upgraded to work on php 5.4 .
4- Paypal related issues fixed
5- Alertpay Updated to payza ( Official update )
6- Perfect money added
7- Okpay added
8- Old payment processors removed
9- Lottery updated
10- Fixed recycle referrals problem that made members able to recycle direct referrals
11- Removed shift referrals options from downline page and claim bonus due to security risks of them
12- Added option for members to delete their inactive referrals
13- Template selector added in admin panel instead old template name typing method so would be easier for owners to change templates now
14- Fully integrated smf 1.1x forum is now included with the script
15- Fixed PTP problem in the script when allowed ptp list is enabled
16- Enhanced default template styling
17- Extra security updates added in the script
18- News now shows on home page in a separate section
19- Script database backup function fixed so now admin can take database backup from within admin panel and restore it without problems
20- Minor inner pages errors have been fixed
21- Country fix database updated
22- Orphan Referrals to allociate entirely removed now all members with no upline will be registered with no upline ( perfect for sales ) 
23- Login and register page improved with more error messages notifications .
24- Script optimized to use less resources on hosting .
25- Referral api option removed since it wasn't used and presented a security risks .
26- Fixed issue of membership PTP , Referrals purchased and upgrades bonuses not showing for upgraded members under their memberships in memberships page 
27- Downline page will show now 25 referrals at a time , members can view rest of referrals on next pages ( 25 referrals per each page ) to control page styling and help managing too many referrals .
28- In referrals page members now are able to arrange referrals according to all available fields
29- Script has only one downline level 
30- Standard member benefits should show to standard members on memberships page .


Your host must have the following for the script to work fine :
1- cURL
2- PHP 5.6 version
3- MYSQL 5.6 version
4- Ioncube loader ( As some of files are encrypted , Only 3 files so the script code editing options aren't affected in any way )

This version includes updates and enhancement to the script structure so it will work fine with the current version of php 5.6 . 

Script comes with continuous support to help you in fixing any problems you find and also to provide answers for your questions at SDR Support form here : Contact Us

Delivered within 48 hours, Satisfaction Guaranteed.


To install the script we need your cPanel info and the domain name.

Product Code: AURXCI3G81


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